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They have both been involved in the town for over 35 years, Diggy was one of the founders of the Morley lunches, serving a fantastic silver service 3 course meal to the elderly of Hungerford every year. Diggs also worked at the Sun Inn (now closed), for her former mentor Terry Tracey and steward of Hungerford Football Club.

Fluey has been chairman of Hungerford Roundtable for two years, from 2003/2004. Membership rose from just 3, to 21; one of the fastest growing tables in this fantastic organisation, raising over £25k in his stewardship. During his time in position, they brought the carnival back and reinstated the annual fireworks display. Recently elected as a trustee for Town & Manor in June 2019, after previous involvement as a Hungerford grazier.

Hungerford is a quaint and idyllic market town, with a population of just over 6,000 people. A vibrant feel and great community spirit; flanked by working commons, chalk-streams, canals and watercourses.  Beautiful walks are aplenty and historic places such as Littlecote House and its mosaic, offer lots to do before you pop in for some well earned refreshments. Further afield we have the stunning, grade 1 Newbury Racecourse, trains operate every hour, enabling you to enjoy the racing, or get to London in just over an hour. Avebury is a short drive away showcasing the historic stone circles and long barrows. Hungerford, a picturesque high street, scattered with antiques and history; makes it the perfect place to stay and explore.

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